The Aegaeus Responsive WordPress Theme – Ultimate Customization

aegaeus responsive wordpress theme

Okay so when it comes to responsive WordPress themes, Aegaeus is absolutely incredible. The sheer number of options, features and customizations that you have already built into the theme and its framework really blow me away.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular responsive WordPress themes going around.

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What’s so good about this responsive theme?

Alright, so the main thing that I like about this WordPress theme is that it literally seems to contain almost every single feature that you could think about “adding on” to a new theme when you first develop, purchase or download one.

When I first saw it I’ll have to admit that I thought it was way too busy and complicated. But as I went through their documentation and examples I realized that it is actually just showing you the possibililities that are available once you get set up.

So, if you want it to be a super-simple minimal responsive theme with just a few pieces of information then you can do that.

Or, if you want it to be a complex and far-reaching solution for a corporate website that needs a blog, photo galleries, landing pages, social media integration, etc. then you can do that as well.

Once you click through to the demo just take a look at the “Pages” tab and see all of the different things they have thought of.

Some of the coolest WordPress features in the Aegaeus theme

One of the things I wanted to do with Tyrant Themes was show you WordPress themes that really showcase the capabilities that WordPress has. So many bloggers and website owners have no idea about how far they can take their themes. Here is a full screen shot of the homepage which also illustrates a few of the features.

Well, the Aegaeus responsive theme is the perfect example of the power of WordPress. Let’s take a look:

  • Multiple homepage layouts
    You don’t have to just have one homepage layout. Imagine being able to change it up for different events or seasons on your blog. This theme allows you to do it easily with over 10 homepage layouts to choose from.
  • Multiple portfolios
    Same goes with how you want to display your products or main photos. There are a lot of different portfolio options to choose from.
  • A redirect page
    This is one of the coolest inbuilt features to have in a WordPress theme. It’s a little page that you can use to show visitors that you are re-directing them to somewhere else on the website or on to some other website. This helps a lot to reduce confusion.
  • A beautiful slider
    The slider in the Aegaeus theme is one of the most complex but beautiful and compelling that I’ve ever seen. If you were trying to grab attention for your small business or firm then this slider would go a long way to keeping eyes on the screen.
  • Drag and drop
    This is very handy for people who have limited experience moving things around inside the WordPress dash.
  • Unlimited colors
    There are unlimited colors for you to choose from. This means that you can easily make the theme fit and suit your brand perfectly.
  • Landing page template
    This is a must for any website that wants to have limited time offers or singular pages that adveritze a particular event or mailing list.

Ultimately I think this is the perfect responsive WordPress theme to use as a “base” for building a more simple theme for your business. I don’t think you should deck it out with all the features because it gets a little bit complicated. But it is simple, clean and has everything that you could need.

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  1. Hello,

    I like this theme, but I have some questions about it:

    is it possible to get the blog page as the home page of the site? And, if so, is it easy to delete the part with “Amazing blog Sidebar, breadcrumbs, backgrounds…” and get content and sidebar close to the top menu?

    Thanks for an answer.

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