Hi. My name is Ramsay and I’m the not so tyrannical guy behind the website called Blog Tyrant. Welcome to my new project.

How did Tyrant Themes come about?

Over a year ago I announced that I’d be launching my own line of WordPress themes that were designed for functionality (like getting more subscribers) and not just for looking pretty.

Well, that is still happening. But I’ve also decided to go bigger and better.

Tyrant Themes is now a website dedicated to bringing you all the knowledge, information and tools you need to find, design or run a successful WordPress theme.

You might say that we’re now dominating WordPress themes!

My goals are these:

  • Show you the best themes available
    I’m going to show you the best WordPress themes on the internet for your particular goals. Everything on this site will be chosen for particular qualities and specific functions that will suit different WordPress users.
  • To teach you how powerful WordPress can be
    WordPress can be taken way, way beyond the normal scope of what bloggers use it for. Aside from showing you the best themes, I’m going to engage the best WordPress designers and coders to show you how you can take your WordPress theme to new levels.
  • To solve your coding, design and WordPress theme time-wasters
    At Blog Tyrant I talk about how to start a blog and use it to build an engaged and growing audience. And a big part of that is learning to not muck around with WordPress design and coding but to find people and tools to get those jobs done quicker. Tyrant Themes will help you with that.

It’s a big goal but I want to make the idea of “expert in all facets of WordPress themes” associated with Tyrant Themes.

How you can help

And the best part is that I’m going to need your help.

If you have a problem with your WordPress theme I want you to let me know.

If you see some cool WordPress tool or design or idea I want you to tell me about it.

Best of all, if you consider yourself an expert in some area of WordPress themes I’m even open to having you contribute an article.

Make sure you subscribe to get notified of updates. It’s going to be a bit more regular that the old Blog Tyrant schedule.

See you in there!

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  1. Stephanie

    Hi Ramsay! Thank you so much for all the Information that you are providing! I’m a big fan! Being a complete beginner (just becoming self-employed now with personal developemnt seminars, caoching etc.) I’m looking for a WordPress theme that would suit my Project. I really like the one you are using on blogtyrant.com. Where do I find it? Thank you!

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