The 357 Responsive WordPress Theme

357 responsive wordpress theme

A little warning, the demo for the 357 responsive WordPress theme is probably not safe for work.

That being said, once you get past the background photos you’ll find that this responsive WordPress theme is one that actually has a really smooth and simple layout while still giving you a full suite of features that would cost a fortune if you were getting a develop to create.

Remember, those photos are just for demo purposes – the theme lets you change them to your own.

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A fullscreen background photo responsive WordPress theme with fade-in effect

The main feature this theme has that I wanted to draw your attention to is the full screen background photo which has a really neat little fade-in effect. This is a fantastic way to draw attention to your work or product if you have something really visual (perhaps for photographers, architects, painters, etc.)

Still a responsive theme for clean content

As you know, I’m obsessed with good simple themes that promote content. Even though this does have some heavy photographic elements it still does provide you with a clean and central white column that focusses heavily on the written word. This is very important if you want to write blog posts and sales pages.

The main features of the 357 responsive WordPress theme

So what else do you need to know about the 357 WordPress theme?

  • Responsive design (iPhone and iPad friendly)
    This theme is completely built and designed to work on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops.
  • Multiple layouts
    Want to show a video on the homepage? No problem. What about a showreel? Easy. This theme has seven different layouts to choose from to help you promote your product or business exactly as you need.
  • BlueHost friendly
    They built this theme to work on BlueHost. That’s good for us because a lot of new bloggers and website owners get set up there.
  • Over 500 fonts
    We love fonts. Find the one that fits your brand.
  • Support and easy setup
    This theme comes with support and full installation guides. You’ll spend no longer than 5 minutes getting the theme framework set up.

Now, this is a WordPress theme that I’d recommend if you use blogging as an addition to your business, not as your main business. The reason is that it seems to be mainly designed around showcasing large, high quality photos. So, this is perfect for photographers or any small business where you take professional photographs of your products or locations. Again, a real estate company is an example of someone who would get a lot out of this theme.

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